…Mr. Ledford has been instrumental in designing  and implementing an advertising and marketing strategy that has resulted in a 25% increase in business. The design campaigns spearheaded by Mr. Ledford have been so successful that many of our customers prefer to wait for newly designed packaging and advertising materials over our older, preexisting materials.
-Scott Heinly, Vice President, Premiere Products Inc.

With nearly 20 years of experience in visual art and communication, Bryan Ledford draws on a diverse background of experience and influence. Bryan’s background includes years of experience in the motion picture industry, special effects, graphic design, the Los Angeles entertainment design community, environmental design, interactive and web design, high-resolution digital retouching and composting, illustration, and art/creative direction. In addition, he has taught many workshops on the professional level for topics from advertising and marketing strategy to effective use of digital tools to color theory.

Bryan is a young man of education, high ideals and sound integrity. His originality of ideas and capacity for hard work were outstanding…. He was also a natural teacher to many in our department.
-Mel Sant, Creative Director, TKO Advertising

In addition to graphic design, Bryan is an experienced leader in performance improvement and instructional technology, graduating with honors from the world-renown program at California State Universtiy, Chico. Focusing on the design, implementation, and evaluation of educational tools, he specialized in job/task analysis, corporate structure and communication, and performance improvement evaluation.

Bryan Ledford has a thorough grounding in the theory and principles of performance improvement and the instructional design process and he has demonstrated his skill in applying communication tools and techniques for solving organizational problems.
-Robert G. Main, Ph.D. California State University, Chico