The Criticism Store Is Now Open!

So as I restart my blog here, I guess I should maybe perhaps kinda sorta explain why and what I’m doing. You know, it could be helpful and junk.

When I studied Graphic Design, I was fortunate to study at a school that had the program attached to the Communications Department, not Art. So in actuality, my degree is as follows: Visual Communications, Graphic Design. That pretty much means I learned the tools of Graphic Design directly through the study of how we communicate visually and how we visually craft effective messaging. On top of that, our program delved into the best ways to dissect and understand all forms of mass media. Which is where we are going on this not-so-strange journey together.

In that, I learned critical thinking and the psychology of why we do what we do (I’ll spare you my lecture on Gestalt theory…for now) and how to effectively criticize (a neutral term) communication and culture. My Master’s degree put a much more fine point on it and a much deeper understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In communication, asking Why is often much more valuable that the How.

And that’s what we are going to do, boys and girls!

We’re going to be looking at Pop Culture, language, art, design, intelligence, imagination, commerce, advertising, marketing, branding, etc. from different angles. Which is where I pretty much come from – a different angle.

So feel free to play along and let’s get a dialogue going!

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